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Sadly, there seems to be an increasing amount of 'state intervention' in people’s right to a family life. Social Services, usually through the Local Authority, can come into dispute with parents regarding how their children are being looked after, by their parents, or the family as a whole.

A Local Authority often obtains information from a variety of sources, the school, the police, next door neighbours and various other means of communication, quite often anonymously.

In the interest of the child, Local Authorities are faced with taking all these issues seriously and, at the very least, investigating the allegations which, on occasion, are motivated by malice and self-interest. Genuine ‘welfare concerns’ must be addressed and our accredited solicitors can advise on any dispute, which may arise. Kathy Webb & Co is happy to work with families across the East Cleveland area.

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Professional legal advice

Kathy Webb & Co has a number of accredited solicitors who can deal with the issues as they arise. Our services include the initial investigation stage, possibly an interview at the police station and certainly, at meetings and conferences held by the Local Authority and various other agencies.


Within the care proceedings section of our site there is more information in relation to the obligations and actions the Local Authority should be taking. In this section you can look at what steps you can and should take, additionally it highlights when to take legal advice, in particular:

  • Police Powers - Police have powers of their own to remove children for very limited periods of time under police protection powers. This is exceedingly rare and again, should only be done in circumstances where there is an immediate risk of harm to the children

  • Emergency Protection Order - Where the Local Authority are seeking an emergency removal of the children from the care of parents

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What if the worst happens?

If the Local Authority has taken children into care under an interim care order or, at the end of proceedings, determined the children could not return then, depending on the placement of those children, issues such as future contact must be resolved.

For more information or professional legal advice on disputes with social services, contact Kathy Webb & Co in East Cleveland to arrange an appointment.

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"Excellent service, staff are friendly and courteous! Would recommend to anyone needing a family solicitor!"

- Carl B
Need legal advice on how to settle a dispute with social services? Contact Kathy Webb & Co in East Cleveland today on
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