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If you or your children have been subject to domestic violence or harassment by a partner or a family member then you should seek urgent advice from one of our solicitors.


Kathy Webb & Co of East Cleveland can tell you whether you should seek protection through a 'family law order' and whether you would be entitled to receive public funding (previously known as ‘legal aid’) to pursue such an action.

East Cleveland's only Legal Aid firm

The court can make a number of orders:

  • Non-molestation order - If you and/or your children have been subject to actual violence or threatened with violence, a court can issue a non-molestation injunction. Non-molestation injunction orders offer protection against pestering, harassment, intimidation and molestation. Molestation embraces a wide range of behaviour from violence and threats of violence to nuisance and abusive telephone calls, text messages and/or emails

  • Occupation order - An occupation order allows you to live in the family home to the exclusion of the other party and may also exclude them from the immediate area and other designated places

Domestic violence
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Advice on domestic abuse law

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, our solicitors appreciate that this is likely to be a very stressful time and will react quickly, calmly, and efficiently to advise and assist you. In appropriate circumstances we can seek to apply to the court that day, without notifying the other party, so that you and your children are protected.


There are other practical issues we can help you with. For instance, we can direct you to agencies that can provide accommodation and funding for emergency assistance (including housing benefit).


At Kathy Webb & Co in East Cleveland we pride ourselves in being able to assist sensitively and where necessary proactively - contact us today to book an appointment.

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"Have our domestic abuse solicitors helped you move on from an abusive relationship? If we've helped to make a difference, please take a few minutes to review us on today. "

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