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Many people are worried about what will happen to them if they lose mental or physical capacity due to an accident or illness.


A lasting power of attorney is a legal document which allows someone you have appointed to act as your attorney, to help you make decisions about your property and financial affairs or even your health and personal welfare.

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Appointing a Power of Attorney

At Kathy Webb & Co in East Cleveland, we have a dedicated solicitor who will guide you through the procedure from start to finish and who can give specialist advice to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your choice of attorneys, their duties and what they can and cannot do to assist you. They will also ensure your lasting power of attorney is accurately completed and registered with The Office of Public Guardian, ready for use by your attorney.


If you don't appoint someone to be your attorney and you are unfortunate enough to lose mental capacity, it will be necessary for your next of kin to apply to the Court of Protection to take over the managing of your affairs. This can be an arduous, complicated and expensive process. Also, they may not be the person you would want to be appointed.


In appointing someone to be your attorney it can save considerable expense and it means that you decide who will look after your affairs in the event of your incapacity.

Powers Of Attorney book
Powers Of Attorney books

Court of Protection

The Court of Protection helps people who have lost their mental capacity and have difficulty making their own decisions. If someone loses his or her mental capacity, without having appointed an attorney it will be necessary to apply to The Court of Protection to appoint a family member, or a friend, as a deputy to make decisions for them, otherwise the state may take control of your affairs.


Applying to the Court of Protection can be a complicated procedure. We can assist you in becoming an appointed deputy in order that you may assume this responsibility for your loved one.

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Want to appoint a power of attorney? Contact Kathy Webb & Co on 01287 633331 to arrange an appointment.

Gifting property

As you get older you may become concerned about what may happen to your home if you have to move into full time residential or nursing care. You may also be concerned about whether or not your beneficiaries may have to pay Inheritance Tax when you pass away. Gifting your home and other assets to family and friends whilst you are still here allows you to see them enjoy the benefits of your generosity.


We can give specialist advice on whether:

  • Gifting your property will achieve your desired objective

  • The possible pitfalls which exist in relinquishing control of your main assets


We offer home, hospital and residential care home visits throughout East Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

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